Mirror Ari

Mirror Ari
Mirror Ari

help people. im curious and want to know what u people think?

when i look in the mirror and look at myself i like how i look.but when i take a picture with my camera i look horrible.is it the flash?when i take i pictures in the webcam i look like i look in the mirror, i look good. do humans look likee they look in the mirror or in the camera. i hope u understood my question cause i dont understand it.lol.plz help! :D

flash can really be a killer. but it also depends the angle of the camera
you have to find the right angle
try holding the camera above you (not directly) and then from different sides
flash makes everyone look shiney and can look terrible with dark hair
play around a bit. best time to take pictures is when the sun is out and have a window open and be turned 3/4 toward (or away depending) from the window and see different lights =)

best of luck - ari

Ari in the Mirror

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