Ray Mirror

Ray Mirror
Ray Mirror

Horn initially used coal or wood as conventional fuel. The need for fuel is increasing. However, the current stock of these fuels fuel is too low to meet the need. Therefore, we must use other resources, which are in surplus, as the rays of the sun. They can be used effectively for a variety of purposes. Like solar cookers, ovens, stoves, etc. The grease can also be used to produce electricity. The basic principle in all these devices focus the rays to the desired temperature to generate very high. This concentration of rays is achieved by using convex lens. This heat can be converted to a form of energy. Therefore, power generation is also possible, using energy converters of thermal power.

This system essentially requires the mirror having curvature to refract sunlight to desired doneness. The use of large convex lens is not a idea feasible. So, mirrors can be arranged so that it resembles a large convex lens. As the mirror reflects the beam completely you can get more heat generated temperatures.The can be controlled with the number of mirrors and / or angle of the position thereof. By Therefore, this high temperature can be used in metallurgical industries, or even the national target. United States, the most large solar furnace was built on 35foot tall and is in the Quartermaster Corps. The largest units of the solar cooker is useful for large-scale industries.

You can get a good cheap solar oven, which can be used for welding, or baked, or even melt metals with points lower melting. The cost of this oven is the fact that the convex lens can be replaced by a much cheaper version of the Fresnel lens. This goal is made plastic, but may be reduced to the thickness required to replace the mirror. This mirror reflects the rays of the sun at the focal point.

These cheaper versions Oven Assembly to support these mirrors. If the mirror is fixed in one position, you can not use the sun all day. If the media that contains the mirrors are made to follow the sun during the day can be very useful, provided that the heat continuously. The kilns are based on a large scale can use the automatic tracking Sun

The only drawback with an oven, as this will depend on the sun. It is useless if the atmosphere is cloudy all the time. Therefore can not be used in geographical areas where the sun is limited.

If a beam of light strikes a mirror horizontal plane at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal plane, then?

If a beam of light strikes a mirror flat on a horizontal angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal plane, and then will be reflected A. at an angle of 60 degrees above the horizon to the other side. B. at an angle of 90 degrees above the horizon (perpendicular). C. at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizon to the other side.

C. at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizon to the other side. The law of reflection: the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence. So, the angle of reflected light beam at the same angle it hits the mirror.

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